Our job is your career!

Some artists don't enjoy marketing themselves and many find it uncomfortable. In many agencies this "marketing" is low down on the list or priorities and tends not to get done. This can hinder the artist to improve their position and prospects.
It is essential in the current financial climate that individual artists present themselves to the best of their ability. Vivace Arts can help.
Vivace Arts is here to help you reach your goals.
Here's how it works. We will focus on questions such as "where am I in my career ?" and "Where do I want my career to go from here ? and ho do i get there?" . We will focus on the right issues to get your career moving in the direction you want it to go. Our job is your career. We have modules that will bring your name to the attention of the right people, that will improve your position in the market place, to bring your talent out into the open. In short, get your career going. To this end we will adapt our modules to you as an individual, and they could include amongst others, targeted press releases or direct mailings, flyers, your own website (or if you already have one a German or other European language version), and of course specific and individual advice pertinent to you.

PS When you are already working with one or more agents that's not a problem, our PR service is an addition to any management you might already have and is designed to help your career. Vivace Arts is not operating as an opera-agent and does not recommend artists to opera houses or agents.

professional PR for artists / career advice / preperation of paperwork / press releases / audition training / help and advice during your auditions here in Europe / flyers / web design & content management / homepages / English / German

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