About us

Our job is your career!

my name is Ursula Taylor, I started Vivace Arts in May 2003 with the aim of optimising artist's careers. I bring my experience as a journalist (for the ARD Germany in TV and Radio), as a singer (roles such as Carmen), as a manager (for the Scharoun Ensemble of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra) and as an agent to Vivace Arts to work for you.
It is essential in the current financial climate that individual artists present themselves positively. Vivace Arts can help.
Vivace Arts is here to bring you where you want to be.
Here's how it works. We will, together, answer questions such as "where am I in my career?" and "Where do I want my career to go from here ?" From this I will make recommendations as to what we can do together to get your career moving in the direction you want it to go. To reach your goals. We have modules that will bring your name to the attention of the right people, that will improve your position in the market place, to bring your talent out into the open. In short, get your career going. I'm looking forward to meeting you.
Ursula Taylor
PS If you are already working with one or more agents, thats not a problem, our PR service is an addition to any management you might already have and is designed to help your career.

professional PR for artists / career advice / preperation of paperwork / press releases / audition training / help and advice during your auditions here in Europe / flyers / web design & content management / homepages / English / German


Before starting Vivace Arts in May 2003, German born Ursula worked as an opera singer in several mid-sized opera houses, where she sang roles such as Carmen amongst others. She also sang Mme Giry in Phantom of the Opera in Hamburg for two seasons.
Ursula is a graduate Musicologist (MA), and has worked for the German national TV and Radio station in Berlin and Cologne, as a journalist. She managed the Sharoun Ensemble of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, and worked in an Agency in 2002.
Ursula is marrried to English Baritone Gavin Taylor (http://www.gavintaylor.de ), who successfully sings in German opera houses. They live in Berlin, Germany and have one daughter, aged 3.